Client Feedback is an important ‘report card’ for us!
We value our relationships, and we work hard to earn and maintain your trust.


"As we began our due diligence in finding the 'best of the best' for our complex project, we were immediately impressed with Cross Management Services - their reputation is beyond reproach, and their professionalism is evident in every aspect of their work. Carla is very goal and solutions-oriented, with great business acumen, and consistently transparent communications.  They truly outdid themselves, with a stellar performance from day one, and we've developed a great working relationship that will continue well into the future."                                                                          

Peter Feigin, President, Milwaukee Bucks

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“We have worked with Cross Management Services for about 10 years on a variety of major projects, and it's been a very positive relationship. Carla knows everybody, so she has been able to keep us connected to the ever-changing Small business community, with introductions that helped us build relationships with local businesses, to build capacity for longer-term impact. We focus on not only meeting our diversity goals, but also on seeing how many local small businesses we can reach, so that we can truly serve the community.  All the staff at Cross Management has the same positive approach to a quality job - with even the briefest directions, they are able to find solutions, meet deadlines, and create outcomes that benefit our business, and the small businesses we work with as well.   Because of Carla's successful outreach and in-depth understanding of diversity issues, we are now working together on a new internal program we've created with her help, to expand opportunities within our company.  Cross Management Services is truly one of our most trusted partners.”

Dan Davis, Senior Vice President, CG Schmidt, Inc.


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“I've had the opportunity to work with Carla Cross and Cross Management Services for over 14 years, in a number of different capacities - as an employee, a project partner, and consultant.  She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the work of diversity inclusion, workforce development and supporting local businesses. Carla is a trusted mentor and friend, and has helped many teens and young professionals, me included, gain exposure to and develop relationships with her extensive network of industry professionals. She is strategic and effective in helping her clients meet their overall mission and goals. Carla is trustworthy and reliable, and consistently displays both a professional and a personal interest in her clients and their success."  

Michael C. Emem, President, Emem Group LLC


“Cross Management Services has been a wonderful partner of Froedtert Health since our first project together beginning in 2012, the Froedtert and Medical College of WI Center for Advanced Care. In addition to creating an efficient and innovative facility, we wanted to be sure to give back to the Community we serve. We quickly learned that Carla was our first choice as an inclusion consultant partner: she is so down to earth, so logical, so well connected locally, and focused on our goals. Cross Management has been fundamental to our success in diversifying the Froedtert Health Construction spend and in providing meaningful employment to the community we serve.  The mentoring, coaching and ongoing support from Cross Management have ensured that our efforts and success are sustainable.  They've been guiding us every step of the way, with innovative outreach strategies, and a wealth of local resources - we look forward to a long and productive relationship.”

John Balzer, VP Facility Planning and Development, Froedtert Health


“Our company has worked with Cross Management Services on a dozen projects or so, since our company's founding. In all cases, we've found Carla exhibits the highest ethics and professionalism, while staying focused on the tasks at hand. She's been a great resource, helping us with introductions to people we can partner with, in some cases to help maximize diversity through subcontractors, or helping support our chosen firms with industry resources, like a Mentor-Protege program she's developed. Carla has a true passion for her work, and we enjoy the opportunity to work with her, and highly recommend her firm.”                             

James Phelps, President, JCP Construction LLC


“Working with Cross Management Services was a very positive experience - they are very professional in everything they do.  We found them to be very well connected, with great resources, and their documentation was always completed on time, and very professionally put together.”

Mike Gleeson, Market Executive, Mortenson Construction


“Cross Management has been invaluable in helping us with all our certifications, from the original City RPP approval for our employees, to our SBE, DBE and MBE certifications. Carla has been phenomenal from Day 1 – a true professional with an amazing network of resources.  Because she’s taken such a personal interest in our company, she’s always available to answer any questions, or introduce us to the right people – she knows everyone!  Cross Management is also handling our LCPtracker details, and that’s been seamless and easy for us.  They have just been a great resource for our firm in so many ways.”                                     

Jose Morales, Owner, Selarom Construction, LLC

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