Targeted Outreach is the Most Effective Way to Reach Your Project Goals – 
You’ll save time and money with our streamlined processes, and extensive database of contacts

Each of your projects may have different contract goals, based on your funding sources, the agency in charge, or the physical location of the project. In many cases, your Outreach plan is a critical component of your Inclusion plan needed for the Bid documents on a project.  The more comprehensive your plan, the more likely the Bidder places increased value on your efforts toward diversity. 

With over 20 years of client successes, we’ve developed quite a network of organizations, training programs, and individuals who can help you reach your goals.  The database of certified, capable firms you’ll have access to, when you work with us, can specifically target the types of businesses you need to meet your goals, whether it’s Certified Firms, Local Hire, Union / Non-Union, or the Residents Preference Program for the City of Milwaukee.

It’s important to know all the details of the Contract requirements, and more importantly, to have a plan to meet or exceed those requirements, to avoid problems during the project. In some cases the City can withhold payment, or assess penalties if goals aren’t met.

We will handle all your database management, email invitations to your events, process Attendee registrations, and create tracking documentation for your Compliance files. It makes the process much easier for you, as we take care of all the details, so you can focus on the content of the presentation, and meeting potential subcontractors at the event. 

Our Outreach planning has helped our clients find exactly who they need, to meet project goals.

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