Policies of Diversity and Inclusion help build better businesses and a stronger community.

When larger companies participate in diversity and inclusion, subcontractors, vendors, and workers can contribute to the economic stability of their community. Recycling Local Dollars promotes the city’s quality of life, and benefits local retail businesses, and residents as well. Working to help companies diversify suppliers and their workforce, allows us to connect project opportunities to local businesses and future employees. 

Over the years, we’ve worked on projects with a total construction value of over $2.5 billion, with approximately $500 million being spent with diverse suppliers, and recycled into the Wisconsin economy.  Our participation in developing community and business partnerships includes an educational coaching approach to supplier and workforce diversity, so that project managers and local businesses are ‘on the same page’, and can work together to implement detailed strategic plans that promote diverse supplier and workforce inclusion.

Key steps in this process include: 

  • Creating diversity policies and plans specific to the needs of each of your contracts

  • Facilitating contract opportunities for diverse suppliers and vendors 

  • Targeting qualified workers for employment – to expand local opportunities, and help you reach your contract goals. 


Diversity and Inclusion is not only industry standard behavior, it’s a smart Business practice!

Leading construction organizations and trade associations fully support the commitment to building a diverse workforce for many reasons: with a labor shortage in the construction industry, diversity expands the workforce; it builds a positive community image for your project; and helps reflect the changing demographics in most communities.  

For instance, while women represent over 52% of the U.S. population, they are only 9.1% of the construction workforce – imagine the economic impact to a community if more women had high paying jobs in the industry, with more money to spend in the local economy. And with increasing percentages of minority populations, diversity and inclusion are critical to providing opportunities in all segments of the community, while building a workforce to keep pace with future growth and expansion.

Studies show that diverse firms have increased profitability, with lower attrition, and less need to constantly hire and train new employees. For these reasons, and so many more, we have developed a strong Diversity and Inclusion process that we can implement for your project.  

By understanding your goals, and building an Outreach and Tracking program to help you reach them, we take care of the Diversity plan details, so you can focus on project design and construction details. 

Most of our clients don’t have in-house staff experienced in the complexities of Contract Compliance, Diversity and Inclusion Outreach recruiting and retention, so we fill a very real need in their Operations -- we believe we can do the same for you.  

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