With Increasing Scrutiny on Compliance Issues, Documentation Becomes Even More Important

As agencies and project owners become ever more vigilant on the performance of their Primes and Subcontractors, detailed records should be a critical part of your day to day operations. With changing rules and regulations, you need a resource with up to date information, to make sure your records accurately reflect contract requirements and achievement.

Your employment tracking, outreach statistics, and overall performance against contract goals must be part of a defined process to capture all the information, and be easily accessible in case of an Audit notification. 

Our Monitor, Review and Report process can help you make sure you are capturing all the necessary data, have it organized and easy to retrieve, in the established format, should you face an Audit.   We submit your information as required, so that you are always in Compliance with reporting regulations.  

And our documentation can take multiple forms, in addition to the information submitted for review.   Some clients request publication of a Project quarterly report they can share with their Board members, Executives, local officials, and the public.  We can help assimilate the data, and provide a finished report for your use.  

Let us show you our full process for your Information management.