Contract Compliance has become a critical part of Project Bids, Award Considerations and Implementation - You’ll be more competitive in bidding, and more protected from liability if you have a solid plan.

Whether projects are governed by Federal, State, or local funding and regulations, there are specific requirements for each category.  The overall goals, however, are to create a nondiscrimination environment on all projects, and to maximize opportunities for all.  It’s critical that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the Contract requirements, and establish policies and procedures to satisfy each of the specified participation goals. 

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City, State and Local Projects often require documentation for diverse business and workforce inclusion on items like:  

  • Detailed Project Job categories 

  • Marketing Plan descriptions, and job placement advertising 

  • Specified outreach efforts

  • Contractor Compliance plan

  • Payroll information for Primes & Subs

  • Accounting methods and records

  • Quarterly reporting on diverse business and workforce performance

Our clients generally are busy running their companies, so they appreciate having the experts at Cross Management Services on hand to take care of all the Contract Compliance requirements. We work with our clients to make sure their policies are up to date and being implemented, and that all their project personnel know the regulations, the weekly reporting requirements, and how to enforce them.  

If you have questions on your Contract Compliance plan, if you need assistance with any aspect of implementation, we may be a resource for you.  

You’ll save time and money by having it done right, and avoid the stress of a ‘surprise audit’, and the potential liabilities that can represent.