Our staff works closely with corporate executives, developers, and construction managers to create and implement strategic plans that promote the inclusion of diverse businesses and workers.

Responsive & Interactive

CMSI prides itself on meeting customer satisfaction with its open communication policy, and educational coaching philosophy around supplier and workforce diversity

Wider Scope

CMSI understands its value as a conduit to companies diversifying suppliers and workforce. When larger companies participate in diversity and inclusion, subcontractors, vendors, and workers contribute to the economic stability of their urban ecology.

Resilient Milwaukee

CMSI believes its participation to develop community and business partnerships promotes the city’s quality of life; benefiting residents; and businesses retention to increase an economic dividend.

Recycling Local Dollars

With its involvement on projects with a total construction value of over $2.5 billion, CMSI has assisted in approximately $500 million being spent with diverse suppliers and recycled into the Wisconsin economy.

Planning and Research

CMSI participates on teams that offer research and planning services and in-depth economic development studies by obtaining community input and assessing current real estate conditions.

Community Input

CMSI believes in the incorporation of community to support economic health and development. When clients look to receive community involvement, we

  • Conduct surveys
  • Facilitate discussions with community stakeholders
  • Interview business owners

CMSI understands its value as development consultants to support business partnerships. Our research involves:

  • Physical observation of area real estate
  • Real estate valuation using the Multiple Listing Service

Economic Best Practices

By creating relationships and sharing best practice, we support client and community best interests by:

  • Building on assets
  • Redefining incentives
Community Revitalization

As a foundation for building stronger communities, CMSI serves as a liaison for Wisconsin business leaders who are invested in the economic vitality of communities developed.