Valerie Jones
ImageProject Manager - Team Member Since 1999

Valerie’s number one goal at work is maintaining clear, open and accurate communications with developers, general contractors and/or construction managers to ensure a trusting relationship. She has a knack for recruiting and matching workers with job opportunities and the appropriate training classes when needed. She coordinates and reports on the participation of diverse vendors, suppliers and contractors. Additionally, Valerie oversees outreach programs and advertising campaigns targeting qualified subcontractors.

Valerie says… “Working at CMSI is very much like working with family. And, the head of our family insists on having a comfortable environment where teamwork is adopted by everyone. It’s not unusual to see one of us set aside an individual project to help a team member meet a deadline or navigate through a challenging project.”

Valerie at-a-glance… Valerie’s number one goal at home is maintaining a sense of balance between family and her passion of designing clothes, which she began at age 12. Her gorgeous prom and wedding dress designs were featured on an episode of the Tyra Banks Show. Celebrity personality, Melissa Rivers critiqued her work, giving beneficial marketing tips and a resounding approval on Valerie’s fashion sense and quality of designs.
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